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Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting

You’re In Total Control

Our system gives you 100% control and allows you to upload broadcast recordings, manage your lists, and start & stop campaigns from our easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Complete Overview

Our cloud-based platform provides a complete overview of all your campaigns with crucial statistics and detailed configuration information

Select Transfer Action

Provide recipients with the option to press 1, or any other keypad button (0-9, * or #) to initiate an action of your choice, such as: Transfer to Live Agent, Request Do Not Call, or Leave a Message.

Modifiable Transfer & Backup Numbers

Each voice broadcasting campaign can have a unique transfer number for enhanced call reporting and statistics. Utilizing a backup number ensures your receive every call, even if your primary line is out-of-order or busy.

Live Person & Answering Machine Detection

Our system accurately detects when a live person answers, allowing you to choose to broadcast your message to a live person only, and not answering machines, saving you up to 30% when answering machine detection is properly used in conjunction with your voice broadcast campaign.

Voicemail Message

Want to leave a message? With our advanced voicemail detection, you have the option to leave a separate custom message on recipients home answering machines or mobile voicemail. Run your campaigns with the confidence of knowing our system will detect live answers and voicemails, and will broadcast the appropriate message to each!

Accurate Billing & Detailed Records

Other providers pad their calls and charge their customers for calls that were never answered, and some even round 10 second calls up to 60 seconds! REI Broadcast does not engage in deceptive billing and are one of the few voice broadcasting providers that offer our customers detailed downloadable call reports. If your current provider does not provide a detailed downloadable report, chances are you are being overcharged.

Surveys and

Gain valuable insights to your customers by using voice broadcasting and IVR to conduct simple surveys or polls with up to 12 answer options!

SIP Address Forwarding (For Advanced Users)

Forward transferred calls to a SIP Address anywhere on the Internet; Whether it be a PBX, Asterisks System, or Call Center.

Stay Compliant

Our platform ensures your campaign is compliant by allowing you to select “Never Call Before” and “Never Call After” settings. If your dial list includes numbers with different area codes, the system will automatically match the recipient’s telephone number with an area code map of the time zone, and schedule according to your settings before initiating a call

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor your Voice Broadcast campaign in real-time through our cloud based platform. Our system provides a timestamp for each call, as well as the phone numbers of calls being Answered, Transferred, Do-Not-Call Requests, Keypad Presses, and Answering Machines detected.

Graphs & Statistics

View detailed overviews of your Voice Broadcast campaign with statistics and easy to understand charts and graphs, including Completion of Campaign, Average Success Ratio of Calls, Completed Call Dispositions, Transfer Successes, and Connection Times.

Voice Broadcasting

Who is Voice Broadcasting For?

Voice Broadcasting Solutions are perfect for any Company or Organization, in any industry
that regularly communicates with its’ prospects, clients, customers and members..


  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Events
  • eCommerce
  • Schools
  • Organizations


  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Billing & Collection
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Reminders
  • Notifications

We Offer no hassle, simple pricing plans. No hidden Fees, No Up-Charges.




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I’ve used other systems and this one is by far the most user friendly and robust software I’ve seen… Amazing support and an amazing product. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to increase their reach. Best bang for your buck! Highly recommended”