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Do Not Call

Our Predictive Dialer supports user-subscribed Do Not Call (DNC) filter both at time of import, and continuously as numbers are (un)subscribed. According to FCC/FTC regulations, organizations conducting cold calling must individually register with the FTC. Doing so is free-of-charge and provides your company with a no cost DNC subscription of up to 5 area codes. BEWARE of trusting other companies to provide DNC “scrubbing” or subscription services this could cost you thousands in DNC fines!

Regulations on Predictive Dialing*

REI Broadcast’s Predictive Dialing is 100% FTC/FCC compliant. Users can configure custom FTC/FCC Abandon Messages from the Administrator interface. In addition, the Dialer system automatically keeps track, and logs (visible in the Contact View Tab) calls made to contacts including time of call, and the outcome (ie, answered, abandoned, busy, etc).

Some predictive dialing software is able to maintain FTC compliance by reducing the total number of calls made to a minimal-thus rendering your dialing campaign ineffective. The dialer actively monitors your campaign with our unique algorithm, adjusting your real-time call rate to remain FCC/FTC complaint and maximize the total number of outbound calls.

Full outbound Predictive statistics are available in real-time from the Admin Tab.

Links to Relevant FTC/FCC web pages

Direct Marketing Association

FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules

*This is not legal advice, nor shall it be interpreted as such. We are not lawyers.