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How Voice Broadcasting Works

Upload Your
Contact List

Easily add, remove, and modify contacts and groups for your campaigns.

Set Up Your

Record or upload your
message(s), select recipient list, and begin your broadcast.

Get Results &

Voice Broadcasting provides immediate results with detailed reporting.

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No Hidden Fees, No Up-Charges.

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Significantly Lower Your Lead Cost and Improve Lead Conversion

With REI Broadcast, your recorded messages can be
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The 12 Second Difference

REI Broadcast bills in intervals of 12 Seconds, compared to our competitors who bill up to a minute at a time! When you consider that most voice broadcast messages are less than a minute, why should you have to pay for unused time? Our voice broadcast software bills in intervals of 12 seconds, to save you money! Just take a look below to see the cost savings:

Broadcast Info Competitor (Billed by the minute) REI Broadcast
Price Per Minute Broadcast Length Price Per Call Total Cost Price Per Call Total Cost Savings
0.025 45 seconds 0.025 $500 0.015 $300 $200

Key Features of
REI Broadcast

Voicemail Detection


Advanced voicemail
detection allows you to leave a separate custom message on recipients answering machines & voicemail

Customized Caller ID

Caller ID

Choose the phone number(s) you want to be displayed when broadcasts are sent out to your contacts.

Live Answer Messages

Live Answer

Accurately detects when a live person answers, allowing you to choose to broadcast your message to a live person only.

Press to Leave a Message

Press to Leave
a Message

Give your call recipients the option to leave a message which is available for playback in their broadcast report.

Simple Opt-Out


Provide your recipients the option to press a key on their phone to opt-out of any future campaigns from you.

Advanced Scheduling


Schedule campaigns for any future date and time; Select start and stop times with automatic time zone

Polls & Surveys

Polls &

Gain valuable insights by using voice broadcasting and IVR to conduct simple surveys or polls with up to 12 answer options.

Detailed Reporting


View detailed overviews of your Voice Broadcast campaign with statistics and easy to understand charts and graphs.




Per Minute pricing is based on Quantity of minutes purchased:

Minutes Price (Per Minute)
Less than 10,000 $.05
10,001 – 25,000 $.03
25,001 – 50,000 $.025
50,001 – 100,000 $0.02
100,001 or more $0.015


Why REI Broadcast?

We Offer Better Solutions For Your Business

Why Voice Broadcasting?
Reach a very large and targeted audience more effectively with the Massive Voice Broadcasting

Affordability ffective marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer as low as .0115c per minute Voice Broadcasting

Fast & Simple
Our Voice Broadcasting platform is simple to use and provides instant results. Just start a campaign, and get results.
Extremely Effective
Your message deserves to be heard! With Massive Voice Broadcasting, your message will reach your intended recipient with precision